Information & Application

Program overview

The Green Lake Festival of Music is pleased to welcome Reena Esmail as its featured composer for the 2023 Composer Residency. This four-day event will begin on the morning of Thursday, June 22 and culminate in an afternoon performance on Sunday, June 25. All events will be held in Ripon College’s Demmer Recital Hall.

This select chamber choir works at a high artistic level, equivalent to that of a graduate-level or professional ensemble. Participants are expected to have advanced reading and vocal skills and to arrive at the first rehearsal with all the notes and rhythms completely learned. 

Cost is $150 ($75 if also participating in the Choral Institute). Participants are responsible for meals, housing, transportation, and music purchase.

Audition Overview

By submitting an application to participate in the 2022 Composer Residency, you are committing to participate if accepted. To apply, make a short video consisting of the elements listed below. Your video must be in the order listed. You may pause the recording between sections or record each item at different times, but there must be no editing, splicing, or video enhancements in the video outside of piecing the components into one continuous video. You may not wear headphones while recording. When you are satisfied, label the file <Last Name, First Name, Voice Part> and upload it as an unlisted video to YouTube.

Audition Components

1. Introduction

Briefly introduce yourself. Provide your name, voice part, and current musical affiliation(s).

2. Prepared Aural Skills

1. Sing a melodic minor scale starting on D without accompaniment. You may use whatever system you prefer (solfège, numbers, or a neutral syllable). 

2. Sing the following passage on [du] without accompaniment.

3. Repertoire Excerpt

Without accompaniment, sing your voice part of the following excerpt of TaReKiTa by Reena Esmail. This should be a carefully prepared and musically expressive performance, at the tempo indicated and with the markings observed. Learning resources are available on Reena Esmail’s website.

Submission Process & Key Dates

  • Submissions due: March 15, 2023 by 11:59 PM
  • Notification: Early April


The Green Lake Festival of Music is unable to provide technical assistance. Please contact with any other questions or concerns.