A joyous celebration of music, musicians, and music-lovers bringing world-class artists to the beautiful Green Lake and surrounding area.

The Sunrise Season

Celebrating renewal and rebirth .

Welcome to the 43rd Season of your Green Lake Festival of Music – a season of rebirth and renewal. From June 10 to August 5 we’ll celebrate the return of the Chamber Music Institute and the Choral Institute with themes of female strength and resilience. You may find more information on our Facebook and Instagram pages, and certainly feel free to sign up for our emails. Be well, and we look forward to a Festive 2022!

This year we’ll be requiring all participating musicians be vaccinated. Audience members will be required to pre-register online in advance

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Your 44th Season of the Green Lake Festival of Music–Hemispheres Uniting–is fast approaching, but we need your help now to get the summer going. Offering live concerts without cost has invigorated the community and affirmed we need music more than ever. To meet that need, please donate as generously as you're able. Your support will allow this tremendous season to celebrate composers and performers who incorporate musical elements from around the globe!

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